What makes our amplifiers so special?

Designed & Hand crafted in the UK since 1991 &  in extremely small batches to ensure absolute perfection and the worlds finest car audio.

Every Genesis system component has been designed or chosen to achieve complete natural music reproduction as realistically as current technology allows.

A specialist team of technicians & artisans lovingly craft each and every Genesis amplifier one at a time in our own factory in England.

We fully test every amplifier at least twice in the production process to ensure 100% reliability.

Our amplifiers are also run for 24 hours as an additional test, this ensure absolute every single amplifier leaves us in 100% perfect working order this also helps to begin the ‘running in’ process.

Each MK & BLACK EDITION amplifiers actually comes with its own birth sheet recording the exact performance of that exact amplifier.

Every Amplifier has a unique serial number meaning we know exactly who has made that amplifier, when it was made and what country it was purchased in.

We are iso9001 registered meaning our manufacturing process is second to none.

GENESIS amplifiers have been perfected over 25 years which has made our amplifiers some of the most successful SQ competition amplifiers ever made, it has also meant Car manufacturers such as EAGLE have chosen GENESIS to create  the perfect sound stage in vehicles like their £1M Eagle LOW DRAG because their clients like ours demand perfection from every area of the product they are buying.

Our CLASS G amplifiers have been astonishing our customers for over 25 years due to its un matched ability to fit Class A sound quality, High RMS power output & incredible reliability , because of this our amplifiers now come with a manufacturers 2,3,4,5 & 10 year warranties if installed by a GENESIS dealer.

We have created one of the finest compact amplifier ranges in the industry the GT series, again thanks to our CLASS G switching we have managed to create incredible sound quality matched with phenomenal power output, with vari-speed cooling as the volume goes up so does the ultra silent fan speed, meaning the fan will never be heard no matter how high or low the volume.

GENESIS while winning SQ competitions, supplying to hi end car manufacturers always strives to produce the highest end quality for the car audio enthusiast meaning we do everything in our power to ensure we have incredible sounding products at every price point from mid to the most expensive on the planet, but every product is designed to be BEST in class meaning you get even more then you have paid for.

We are forever inventing and creating so we have the ability to create bespoke amplifiers, so if you have a specification you want the GENESIS bespoke series is the series for you, if there is an idea or a design you have you are welcomed to share it with us  @ sales@genesis-ice.com