The BLACK EDITION GT2 is a SQ  Audiophile Powerhouse in an incredibly small package, whether it’s a highly demanding component set or Bi amping midwoofers, midrange, tweeters  or a single 4ohm subwoofer this incredible amplifier that easily fits under most seats and small  will help delivery an incredible sound.

Thanks to the incredible Low pass filter & high pass filter control you are able to set a bandpass filter limiting the lowest frequency and highest frequency the speakers can produce this will also help protect the speakers and save the need for a digital sound processor.

Features include Vari-speed ultra quiet thermal management and innovative Class G technology yield excellent power outputs in small spaces with freedom from overheating, an all too common problem with other compact amplifiers.

As you would expect from Genesis the sound quality and features are second to none


2x165w RMS @4ohm
2x235w RMS @2ohm
20 hz – 20,000 hz
HPF 30hz – 6000 hz
LPF 60hz – 6000hzSignal to noise ratio 105db
Max amp draw 31 amps
Input sensitivity 0.3-4vTHD + noise @ rated output 0.1%
Size 300mm x 217mm x 38mm
Weight 2.0kg


• Thermal bias tracking – Eliminates distortion

• Simultaneous crossovers – For complete system flexibility

• Smart switching – Automatically routes the signal

• Vari speed thermal management –  Quietly keeps the amplifier cool at all levels

• DC Sub level control – Eliminates noise pickup

• High level adaptor input – Add a subwoofer system  to your factory head unit


Adjustments & Connections



• Fan switch output 16-8 gauge

• 4 gauge positive power terminal

• 4 gauge negative power terminal

• Remote in terminal 16-8 gauge



• Dual speaker terminal outputs 16-8 gauge

• Gain remote control input

• High pass filter adjustment

• High pass filter x20

• Low pass filter adjustment

• Low pass filter x10

• Low pass filter switch on/off

• Gain adjustment

• Dual RCA inputs