Our reference Four Channel features twin power supplies for extra energy reserves, ensuring excellent fidelity at any volume level. Independent and fully flexible filtering allows the Four Channel to suit any system,

This amplifier is designed to drive the highest end of the audiophile coaxial or component speakers passively or actively meaning this amplifier can be used in an intricate  bi-amp system thanks to its incredible amount of fine adjustment and its x20HPF

BLACK EDITION MK4 OVERVIEW(Dual power supplies)

4x85w RMS @4ohm
4x140w RMS @2ohm
20 hz – 20,000 hz
HPF 10 hz – 190 hz
LPF 50 hz – 210 hzSignal to noise ratio 110db
Max amp draw 58 amps
Input sensitivity 0.3-5vTHD + noise @ rated output 0.1%
Size 360mm x 210mm x 62mm
Weight 4.7kg


• Thermal bias tracking – Eliminates distortion

• Simultaneous crossovers – For complete system flexibility

• Bespoke terminals – Our own design optimises signal flow

• Dual power supplies – For outstanding staging and balance

• Custom capable design – Create your own unique amplifier

• DC Sub level control – Eliminates noise pickup

• Vari-speed cooling – Ultra silent cooling


Adjustments & Connections



• Fan switch output 16-8 gauge

• 4 gauge positive power terminal

• 4 gauge negative power terminal

• Remote in terminal 16-8 gauge



• Dual speaker terminal outputs 16-8 gauge

• Gain remote control input

• 2x High pass filter adjustment

• 2x Low pass filter adjustment

• 2x Low pass filter switch on/off

• 2x Separate gains ch 1&2 / 3&4

• 4 RCA inputs only 2 are required