The most popular Genesis amplifier ever due to its small size and big sound, the GT4 is ideal for ‘Front &  Rear or front and Sub’ systems.

The GT4 sounds incredible, paired with its small size paired with a GT1 you can the system fully amplified with not taking up any space in the boot – perfect size for mounting under each front seat.

Buy a GT4 and you’ll be blown away 


4x60w RMS @4ohm
4x80w RMS @2ohm
2x160w RMS @4ohm
20 hz – 20,000 hz
HPF 15 hz – 195 hz
LPF 100 hz
Signal to noise ratio 100db
Max amp draw@4ohms 20 amps
Input sensitivity 0.3-4vTHD + noise @ rated output 0.1%
Size 300mm x 217mm x 38mm
Weight 2.0kg


• Thermal bias tracking – Eliminates distortion

• Simultaneous crossovers – For complete system flexibility

• Bespoke terminals – Our own design optimises signal flow

• Dual power supplies – For outstanding staging and balance

• Custom capable design – Create your own unique amplifier

• DC Sub level control – Eliminates noise pickup


Adjustments & Connections



• Fan switch output 16-8 gauge

• 8 gauge positive power terminal

• 8 gauge negative power terminal

• Remote in terminal 16-8 gauge



• Dual speaker terminal outputs 16-8 gauge

• Gain remote control input

• 2x High pass filter adjustment

• 1x High pass filter x20

• 1x Low pass filter modules

• 1x Low pass filter switch on/off

• 2x Separate gains ch 1&2 / 3&4

• 4 RCA inputs only 2 are required