uA fully featured all in one amplifier with every conceivable feature ensures the flexibility to run any combination that can be made with a 4+1 amp.

uThe Subwoofer Remote level control allows easy level adjustment.

High level interface gives 5 channels of audio from a 4 channel Factory radio.

Parametric EQ allows tuning of sub system to suit all music styles

An ultra slim design means only the smallest amount of space is taken up

GT5 OVERVIEW(3 Independent power supplies)

4x60w +1x275w RMS @4ohm
4x75w +1x370w RMS @2ohm
20 hz – 20,000 hz
HPF 20 hz – 6000 hz
LPF 60 hz – 6000 hzSignal to noise ratio 100db
Max amp draw @4ohms 32amps
Input sensitivity 0.3-4vTHD + noise @ rated output 0.1%
Size 450mm x 217mm x 38mm
Weight 3.0kg


• Parametric EQ –  Allows you to finely tune your system to perfection

• Thermal bias tracking – Eliminates distortion

• Simultaneous crossovers – For complete system flexibility

• Smart switching – Automatically routes the signal

• Vari speed thermal management –  Quietly keeps the amplifier cool at all levels

• DC Sub level control – Eliminates noise pickup

• High level adaptor input – Add a 5ch system to your factory 4ch  head unit


Adjustments & Connections



• Fan switch output 16-8 gauge

• 4 gauge positive power terminal

• 4 gauge negative power terminal

• Remote in terminal 16-8 gauge



• Dual speaker terminal outputs 16-8 gauge

• Gain remote control input

• 2x High pass filter adjustment

• 2x Low pass filter adjustment

• 2x Low pass filter switch on/off

• 1x Subsonic filter adjustment

• 3x Separate gains ch 1&2 / 3&4 / 5

• 6 RCA inputs only two are required